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 My site is divided into Collections and Categories.  The Collections include different items that reflect a theme.  And the Categories are specific items.  So, if you select 'Bracelets,' you will see all of my bracelets, in all of the Collections.  If you select a specific Collection, you will see all types of jewelry in that line.

The Colors of Fall

Whether you call this season Fall or Autumn, it is a beautiful time of year.  It seems the natural world is preparing for the quiet of winter by filling the world with color for a few weeks.  Taking a final curtain call before a long sleep.

This collection celebrates the colors and shapes of fall.


Always in style, this collection features jewelry designed to add the finishing touch to your casual or dressy wardrobe.  Included in this collection are bracelets, necklaces, earrings, & pendants.

This is an eclectic collection of assemblage, gemstone, crystal, pearl, and beadwoven jewelry. 

Beadwoven jewelry features intricate patterns created with tiny beads.  They are feminine and fun.  Although these pieces look delicate, they are constructed with the highest quality stringing materials to ensure years of wear.  Most of these items are adaptations of designs created by talented beading artists.  

Yesterday's Treasures 

Jewelry created with vintage jewelry, beads, and components.

This is such a fun collection to design.  I search flea markets, antique shops, and garage sales for vintage jewelry, beads, and components.  I repair and restore the vintage items and incorporate them into assemblage jewelry.  I use American-made brass components whenever possible and enhance them by applying patinas and specialty paints to get the perfect effect.

 Most of these items are OOAK (One-of-a-Kind).  So, if you see something you like, grab it.

 If you have treasures in your jewelry box (or a box on your closet shelf), I can create unique jewelry to showcase those items.  All of the pieces are conversation starters and a unique way to share your family history.  It is a wonderful way to pass on vintage treasures to the next generation. 

Giddy-Up Girl

For the cowgirl in all of us 

I was born in the high country of Colorado.  In the land of cowboys and rodeos.  I will always be a Colorado girl.  This collection represents my affection for all things western.  I use an assortment of materials to create jewelry and accessories for cowgirls or girls who love the western look. 

You will find an assortment of items in this collection - necklaces/pendants, bracelets, earrings, boot bangles & hatbands.   


For all the celebrations of your life.  

When the wedding is over, the cake will be gone, the bouquet tossed, the gown packed away – but the jewelry will be yours forever.

There is something so special about making wedding jewelry.  I love being a part of your day.  Whether a simple family gathering, a beach celebration, a country party, or an elaborate formal affair,  your bridal and wedding party jewelry should reflect your personality. 

 I would love to design your wedding jewelry.  Discounts are available with purchases for the wedding party. 

 Special Occasions

There are many special occasions in life that can be enhanced by jewelry created just for you.  

  • Prom
  • Military Balls
  • Cotillions
  • Father-Daughter Events
  • First Communions
  • Bat Mitzvahs

Critters & Creatures

For lovers of woodland life

This collection includes a variety of pieces featuring the lovable birds and animals that roam the woods, the pets that we cherish, and a few crawling critters.  


A garden of jewelry

This collection reflects my love for flowers and gardens.  I love to create jewelry with a floral theme.  I have never been a good flower grower or gardener.  I have been known to kill silk flowers.  But the flowers in this collection will last for many years - with no watering or weeding.

Vintage Jewelry

I have collected vintage jewelry for several years.  Many items have been used in crafting my assemblage jewelry.

The pieces in this collection are items that are simply too nice, or in such good condition, that I will not repurpose them.

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